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Financial troubles can affect people in all walks of life. An unexpected serious illness, changes in the job market, divorce and a wide variety of other events can place strains on the household budget. Are you being threatened with debt collection lawsuits, foreclosure or repossession, or otherwise being harassed by creditors?

While there are many ways to fall behind on paying the bills, there are only a few ways to get out from under a mountain of debt. Since 1980, I have focused primarily on helping people obtain a fresh start under the Bankruptcy Code. Filing for personal bankruptcy is a right protected by the United States Constitution and an honorable and legal way to eliminate debt and obtain a fresh financial start. For an initial opinion as to your options, fill out my short asset and liability questionnaire and send to my email.

Direct, Personalized Service From A Knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney

When you work with me to regain your financial health, you work solely with a knowledgeable lawyer who has decades of bankruptcy experience. That means you will not be handed over to a junior associate, paralegal or call center. I provide straightforward answers to your questions and concerns. I will fully explain all of your legal options in personal and business bankruptcy matters.

Filing bankruptcy will stop creditors in their tracks. Bankruptcy is an effective way to stop foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment and those constant collection calls at home and work. That means no more creditor harassment. Most people are able to keep their home or car, while eliminating medical bills, credit card debt and other unmanageable bills that adversely impact the household budget.