About Nathan Horowitz, Esq

The law practice of Nathan Horowitz, Esq, in White Plains and Carmel, New York, is an established legal resource for individuals and businesses in financial trouble, new business startups and people entering into real estate transactions. Each of these areas requires thorough legal analysis, backed by financial acuity and adherence to strict timelines.

Helping Individuals, Families And Businesses Get A Fresh Start Since 1980

Unlike many bankruptcy practices that focus on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 alone, I have significant experience helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of Chapter 11 bankruptcy as well. I have focused primarily on debt relief for 35 years. The depth and breadth of my bankruptcy knowledge are clear strengths of my law practice. I continually strive to remain at the forefront in New York bankruptcy matters. I have authored scholarly articles and have led seminars to teach other lawyers the ins and outs of bankruptcy law.

Real Estate And Business Law Services Devoted To Protecting Clients' Interests

In the areas of real estate and business law, my thoroughness and ability are invaluable assets for clients. Creating a new business entity, or entering into a residential or commercial real estate transaction, involves complex and high-stakes legal matters. The time-sensitive nature of these endeavors is paramount. I efficiently and diligently work with clients to ensure that the processes run smoothly.

I represent individuals, families, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and business owners in legal areas that have significant impact. For 35 years, I have focused on bankruptcy, real estate and business law. When you work with me, you can rest assured that you will work directly with an experienced lawyer who is responsive and adheres to your timeline.

Effective and personalized representation is rarely available when you are forced to deal with legal assistants, receptionists or call centers. I answer the phone, I respond to client questions, and you receive the benefit of working with a lawyer who knows your legal matter inside and out. I remain available for clients every step of the way.

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The law practice of Nathan Horowitz, Esq, is recognized by federal law as a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.