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Has your family business, corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship or partnership run into serious financial problems? In today's economy, a financial setback can easily grow into serious debt problems. A gradual downturn in the market, an unexpected lawsuit and many other forces can create pressing debt problems for companies in any line of work.

Since 1980, I have focused primarily on providing high-quality legal representation to help individuals and businesses obtain debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code. For business owners, my bankruptcy practice is fortified with my experience and knowledge of New York business law. Business bankruptcies are frequently complicated matters. If your company is facing an uphill battle in managing debt, it is crucial for you to learn the options that may be available for you.

You likely know that the Bankruptcy Code provides different options for debt relief. Whether your goals include reorganizing your debt to allow you to regain control over your finances, or you need an effective exit strategy to minimize your exposure, you can rely on my business law and bankruptcy experience for straightforward counsel and diligent representation in handling your bankruptcy.

Depending on the unique circumstances of your business, I will explain the options that may be available to you, including:

  • Chapter 7 liquidation: If you plan to close the doors, Chapter 7 is an effective tool to liquidate the assets of a company. If your company has assets for liquidation, you need skilled advice on how bankruptcy can limit your exposure to risk. It may be tempting to sell the assets and try to negotiate debt settlement agreements, which may expose you to tax liability and other legal problems in closing your doors.
  • Chapter 13 repayment plans: Only a few kinds of small-business ventures are able to file for Chapter 13 relief. A sole proprietor may benefit from reorganizing debt under Chapter 13.
  • Chapter 11 reorganization: Many business forms such as a corporation or partnership cannot file under Chapter 13 to reorganize debt. Chapter 11 is an effective tool for businesses to reorganize debt, while remaining in full control of day-to-day operations. Chapter 11 is a complicated and costly process, and the lawyer you choose can make a significant difference in the outcome of reorganization plans.

While many business organizations provide a shield for owners, the reality of the credit markets often leaves the business owner exposed to personal liability for some (or many) debts of the company. The use of personal credit cards to obtain goods or services for the business is common when a company's finances are in peril. Suppliers and lenders frequently require personal guarantees that can expose the business owner to personal liability for debts. I will fully review the global picture to protect your personal interests.

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The law practice of Nathan Horowitz, Esq, is recognized by federal law as a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.