White Plains Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Nathan Horowitz, Esq, is an established bankruptcy practice in White Plains and Carmel. Since 1980, I have experience in all manner of bankruptcy proceedings. My deep knowledge of the law and the nuances of debt relief are your advantage when you retain my services to solve your debt problems. You will work exclusively with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney every step of the way. As a sole practitioner, I will not hand you over to a junior lawyer or paralegal.

Versatile Solutions To Complex Debt Problems

Chapter 13 is a versatile tool to solve many kinds of complex debt problems. Any type of reliable income may allow you to create a repayment plan to achieve effective results to eliminate your debt problems. When you file for Chapter 13 relief, you benefit from the automatic stay imposed by the Bankruptcy Court. The court-ordered stay prohibits creditors from continuing to conduct any collection efforts. This stay may also protect co-signers.

The payment plan is more than a stopgap measure. At the conclusion of the plan, which can last for three to five years, any unsecured debts that have not been paid off will be discharged, providing you with a fresh start. The payment plan has many other potential benefits to protecting your property. Many people use Chapter 13 to keep their cars, homes and other valuable assets while finding effective relief from debt.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy has many advantages. The payment plan can allow you to:

  • Catch up on arrears in home loan payments
  • Address overdue student loan payments
  • Include past-due taxes to get caught up or reduce the outstanding balance
  • Include delinquent child support payments to eliminate or close the gap

You also have the ability to seek a home loan mortgage modification, and to eliminate a second mortgage or other liens on your home. Often, individuals are able to have mortgage obligations modified or car loans restructured along with obtaining the benefits of bankruptcy protection. To obtain an initial opinion of your legal options, please fill out a brief questionnaire regarding your assets and liabilities and send to my email.

Rely On A Trusted Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney For Creative Debt Relief Solutions

To learn how Chapter 13 can give you back financial health, contact me online or call 800-592-3020 to arrange a confidential consultation. I will attentively listen to your goals and concerns, analyze your asset and debt structure, and craft the best path for you to follow to obtain effective debt relief.

The law practice of Nathan Horowitz, Esq, is recognized by federal law as a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.