Solid Legal Advice To Form Your Business

Creating a successful business begins with making strategic legal decisions to provide a strong foundation on which the business can grow. Your knowledge of your field is vitally important to your business. However, the legal aspects of creating your new entity are complex. Working with a seasoned business law attorney will help to ensure that your venture is organized for success.

Direct Access To An Experienced Business Formation Lawyer

As an experienced business lawyer, I work one-on-one with entrepreneurs forming their first company and experienced businessmen and businesswomen who are starting additional ventures. My consultative approach starts with a full review of each client's vision for the new company, as well as tax, financial and liability concerns associated with the new business opportunity. With detailed knowledge of the nature of your business, I can advise you about your legal options to best protect you and your company. Each business form has its own advantages, but no business form is appropriate for any venture as a one-size-fits-all solution.

I will advise you about your legal options, tailored to your individual situation, and help you understand the different tax treatment and liability protections that each suitable business form will provide in your unique circumstances. I have experience creating all manner of business forms, including:

  • Corporations, including S corps and C corps
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • General partnerships
  • Sole proprietorships

Position Your Company For Future Success

Whether your business requires articles of incorporation, a partnership, shareholder or membership agreement or other formalities, I will thoroughly develop the corporate governance and draft the corporate governance documents you need. I will attend to your tax ID number, and take care of all the necessary paperwork and regulatory filings to ensure your business is properly recognized.

When you receive the initial corporate book, you will find that it is not just an empty binder. I will thoroughly prepare the corporate book, including all of the documents and information that you need to start on the right foot. You can rest assured that when you need to refer to the initial corporate book, you will find the information that you need in the future to protect your interests.

For thorough startup and business formation representation, call 800-592-3020 or contact me online. I have offices in White Plains and Carmel, New York.