Filing For Bankruptcy Will Stop Creditor Harassment

Struggling with insurmountable debt is hard enough. You know that the bills are piling up. However, bill collectors are notorious for their zeal in tracking people down at home, on cellphones and at work. The added stress of creditor harassment can be a nightmare for most people.

Let The Bill Collectors Deal With A Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Filing a Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition will stop bill collectors dead in their tracks. The bankruptcy laws place an automatic stay on all debt collection activities when the petition is filed. In fact, once you retain me as your bankruptcy attorney, I will take the calls from the bill collectors.

The automatic stay applies to all kinds of collection activities, which can go far beyond the annoying calls, including:

  • Home mortgage foreclosures — Many people not only stop the foreclosure, but are able to keep their home as well. If the home is not underwater, protecting the home is often a true benefit of filing for bankruptcy.
  • Repossessions of cars, trucks or other vehiclesBankruptcy stops the repossession. Most individuals are able to keep their vehicle in bankruptcy.
  • Creditor lawsuits, wage garnishment and bank account seizures — A lawsuit or judgment on a debt is a common source of strife for a person fighting overwhelming debt. Most efforts to garnish wages (commonly referred to as income execution in New York) are halted in bankruptcy. There are some exceptions such as child support obligations.

Offices In White Plains And Carmel For Your Convenience

I have helped thousands of people in New York find relief from debt collectors. When you contact my offices in White Plains and Carmel for an evaluation of your unique circumstances, you will quickly learn you are gaining direct access to a lawyer with 35 years of bankruptcy experience. As a sole practitioner, I work with each client at every stage of the process.

If you are facing a lawsuit, foreclosure, repossession or constant threatening calls from debt collectors, I can help you find a solution to your debt problems. Contact me using the online form or call 800-592-3020 to learn how filing for bankruptcy can get you back on track to regain your financial health.

The law practice of Nathan Horowitz, Esq, is recognized by federal law as a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.